The new generation Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, also known as the blue eyed boy. The Wagon R has been a success story for Maruti Suzuki and the company introduced the next generation, as it was riding on the success of the outgoing version. The Wagon R did retain its boxy shape, however it was made a lot more stylish with the new design and also a lot larger too. This made the Wagon R a lot more appealing and at the same time, it did scream of being extremely practical.

The new generation of the Wagon R isn’t just spacious but even the interior styling is contemporary. The new dashboard and new dials with yellowish and orange tint do look stylish and the centre console design is very simple

The Wagon R comes with a 1.0 litre petrol engine, which is Suzuki’s new generation K Series engine. This engine is powerful and it produces sufficient power. The new generation K Series engines are a lot more powerful and fuel efficient too. The Wagon R is one of the most fuel efficient cars in its segment even today.

The ride of the Wagon R fairly smooth and composed, as it is designed for this purpose. The handling isn’t something that one can flaunt of. The handling of the Wagon R is just decent. It is built for city driving and some amount of highway; hence the focus has been more on the ride

The steering wheel is also light and easy to turn and park in the city. The McPherson struts at the front and the trailing link at the rear, the Wagon R does well on bad roads. It is only the smaller size of the tyre that doesn’t help much in absorbing the bumps. Wagon R is the car for the masses and hence its ride quality is fairly sorted.


1. Wagon R LX

2. Wagon R LXi

3. Wagon R VXi

4. Wagon R LXi LPG

5. Wagon R LXi CNG

6. Wagon R VXi (ABS-Airbag)

Our Verdict

A proven car having a wide presence in India, the Suzuki Wagon R is a fine combination of decent power and mileage and good interiors. A standout feature is its pronounced exterior, height, city drivability and fuel efficiency. It may not be the best-looking car, but is most definitely practical and useful for daily commute. It's dependable after sales service can be an added plus point. Unfortunately, today, there are many more cars available with better features and price ranges which has resulted in a decline in sales. If you are the practical kind and looking for nothing but utility then this is the car for you.